Blow Mould Tanks

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Blow Mould Tanks

SuperMax Blow Mould Water Storage Tanks

Blow mould manufacturing process is a type of plastic forming process to produce hollow plastic products made from thermoplastic materials such as water storage tanks and other plastic products. In Blow moulding of a water tank, the production involves a heated hollow filled with a charge or shot weight of HDPE material with additives and colors incorporated into it. The main advantages of blow-molded water tanks are their low investment cost, corrosion resistance, durability, maintaining equal wall thickness, and, most importantly, that the tanks manufactured through this technology are seamless, one-piece tanks with distinct characteristics that make them suitable for various applications such as domestic, commercial, and industrial etc.

SuperMax Blow Mould tanks are designed with a leak-proof design and comes with multilayer, and these layers have characteristics such as the inner layer act as an anti-microbial resistant to all kinds of bacteria, fungi, and yeasts. The outside layer protects from environmental stress and UV sun shield. In between colored layers, they work as heat-reflective and heat-resistant, which keeps water cool, and odor-free all the time. Being 100% virgin HDPE polymer gives the strength and toughness to the tank and also it makes the tank safe for food grade usage, thus making it ideal for hygienic drinking water storage and a reliable and long-lasting choice for your water storage needs.


  • 100% virgin food-grade material
  • Ideal for drinking water
  • UV Stabilized
  • Hygienic & Durable
  • Uniform thickness
  • Extra stronger
  • Insect proof threaded lid cover
  • With product guarantee



The SuperMax blow mould tank comes in two variants: the SuperMax Galaxy BMD, a 3-layer(white color) vertical water storage tank, and the SuperMax Gold, a 6-layer(gold color) vertical water storage tank. These tanks are manufactured in capacities ranging from 300 liters to 2000 liters.

 Installation of SuperMax water tanks is easy, ensuring hassle-free use. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust SuperMax for all your water storage needs.

Installation Procedure:

  • Provide a full bottom leveled support and ensure the top surface of the bottom support is smooth concrete slab and free from any sharp stones or metal pieces. otherwise, it will result in base failure of the tank.
  • Air vent T- connection to the tank, shall be provided as explained for extended warranty.
  • Ensure proper support for inlet and outlet pipes to avoid undue pressure stress on the tank body.
  • Never make tank holes by heating the metal pipe and pushing it through the wall of the tank. Use only drill machine to make the holes on the tank and ensure that holes are of proper size.
  • It is recommended not to lift the tank manually or by other means at higher elevations, as damage may occur, and such accidental damage does not come under the company's warranty coverage. Always use a crane for proper lifting and installation of the tank.


No warranty on overhead tanks, if they are used for

  • Underground Storage
  • Transportation Purpose
  • Accidental Damage
  • Construction Purpose
  • Storage other than water
  • If not installed as per company's procedure.