Water Storage Tanks

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Water Storage Tanks

SuperMax Water Storage Tanks:

Supermax is one of the country's leading water tank manufacturers presents well-designed water storage solutions that deliver hygienic water for safe drinking for domestic as well as industrial use. its multi-ribbed design ensures long-lasting strength & durability and smooth finish, robust construction and protection from algea make our tanks fit for water storage.

Supermax tanks made from high-quality LLDPE resins with multi layers using Roto mould technology for uniform thickness all-around the tank to provide maxirum strength and better performance. The higher the number of lavers in the tanks alwavs provide better protection from environment, increase structural strength of the tank, reduce environmental stress and increase crack resistance. Besides, each layer blocks heat form UV rays, thus, keeps water cool and super hygienic condition.

Supermax Tank comes with dual system technology "Anti-viral copper shield with nano silver technologv", which provides anti-bacterial property to inner layers of the tank which protects against bacteria, algae, fungus etc and "dual air ventilation system technology" removes internal pressure form the tank to keep water fresh and odour free under normal atmospheric condition, thus, more hygienic and safe for drinking.

Air Vent T-Connection on overhead Water Storage Tanks:

The purpose of providing air vents on an overhead water tank is to allow air to enter and exit the tank as the water level rises and falls. This helps to prevent the tank from becoming pressurized or vacuumed, which can cause structural damage or leaks. Additionally, air vents can also help to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria or algae in the tank by allowing fresh air to circulate.

Installation Procedure:

  • Provide a full bottom leveled support and ensure the top surface of the bottom support is smooth concrete slab and free from any sharp stones or metal pieces. otherwise, it will result in base failure of the tank.
  • Air vent T- connection to the tank, shall be provided as explained for extended warranty.
  • Ensure proper support for inlet and outlet pipes to avoid undue pressure stress on the tank body.
  • Never make tank holes by heating the metal pipe and pushing it through the wall of the tank. Use only drill machine to make the holes on the tank and ensure that holes are of proper size.
  • It is recommended not to lift the tank manually or by other means at higher elevations, as damage may occur, and such accidental damage does not come under the company's warranty coverage. Always use a crane for proper lifting and installation of the tank.


No warranty on overhead tanks, if they are used for

  • Underground Storage
  • Transportation Purpose
  • Accidental Damage
  • Construction Purpose
  • Storage other than water
  • If not installed as per company's procedure.