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The Drainage system refers to the network of drainage pipe lines inside and outside of the house or building, for collecting and conveying wastewater through drain pipes, by gravity, to join either a public sewer or a domestic septic tank.

Plastic drainage pipes are made of uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride). This thermoplastic material is known for its high strength, lightweight, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, and heavy water flow.

Supermax Introduced MasterFit UDS Pipes which are designed to carry all type of drainage system. Supermax UDS Pipes are available in two types, depends on loading capacity & usage SN2 & SN4 series. Supermax SN2 is recommended for 2BHK, 3BHK type houses and SN4 specially designed for multi-storage buildings or Apartments where heavy usage capacity drainage system designed. These pipes are available from sizes 160mm and 180mm.

Purpose of Drainage System

  1. Maintain healthy conditions in the Building.
  2. Disposal of waste waster as early as Possible.
  3. Avoid the entry of foul gases from the sewer.
  4. Collect and remove waste matters systematically.

In a house drainage system, a pipe may have the following designations, depending upon the function it carries :

  1. Soil Pipe – A soil pipe is a pipe through which human excreta flows.
  2. Waste Pipe – It is a pipe which carries only the liquid waste. It doesn’t carry human excreta.
  3. Vent Pipe – It is a pipe which is provided for the purpose of ventilation of the system. A vent pipe is open at top and bottom, to facilitate exit of foul gases. It is 1 m higher than the roof level.
  4. Rain water Pipe – It is a pipe which carries only the rain water.

Following factors should be taken into consideration before designing or installation of House Drainage System:

  1. Drainage pipe should be laid by the side of the building rather than below the building.
  2. All the drains should be aligned straight between successive inspection chambers. Therefore, sharp bends and junctions should be avoided through chambers.
  3. The slope of the drains should be sufficient to develop self cleansing velocity.
  4. All the connections should be water tight.
  5. Drainage system should contain enough number of traps at suitable locations.
  6. The size of drain should be sufficient, so that flooding of the drain doesn’t take place while handling the maximum discharge.


SuperMax provides product warranty for the following

  • Product defective
  • A full range of pipe, fittings, and adhesives are used as per company installation procedures.
  • SuperMax Products shall be used for the applications listed in this catalogue.
  • Adequate support to be provided by clamp or any other means.
  • SuperMax highly recommends to perform a system hydrostatic test and subsequent flushing of the CPVC system after installation as per the manufacturer's recommendation.
  • The product warranty of the water storage tank is listed on the guarantee card; kindly refer to its terms and conditions.


  • Product used in combination with any other brand/ substandard pipes and fittings. In some cases, fitment do not match properly which is leading to leakages.
  • SuperMax Solvents and Lubricant have not used.
  • Product is used for applications other than listed above.
  • Installation procedure and testing/flushing procedure is not followed.
  • Cutting the pipe and make socket by heating and bellowing pipe mouth at site.
  • Any mechanical damage by nails, chisels, hammering notches found and drilling etc